warm sun + cool breeze = oh how i miss days like these

Music is my element. Your element is the natural resource, place, or course of action that awakens your soul. It may not always be the easiest place to be. It provides challenges, triumphs, and an emotional and often spiritual outlet.

A song is an expression. A mix of music and words to bring people together, help one examine a situation, or take one to a place they know as familiar, amongst other things.

I write, record, play, mix, and master all kinds of music. No stranger to performing with live bands, groups, or solo gigs, I simply love to create music anywhere and have done so since my early days in high school. Continuing my musical education during my University years, I found songwriting as a favorite outlet of mine and have a large catalog of original music in the works.



Days Like These – Live Studio Recording (RH Original)