To listen to the Universe – To hear the subtle cues.

I often write songs by sitting down with my guitar, fumbling through a new chord progression. Once I find something that sounds good to my ear, I might start humming a melody. OR, possibly, I’ll have a particular phrase that prompted me to sit down to figure it all out in one go. Sometimes words comes into my head from absolutely nowhere. Whatever people see this as, it happens to those of us who are open to it. Those who sit in silence and listen to the very subtle signs of the universe.

I’m one of those people. Though most people don’t know of my songs and music, that’s ok. It’s no reason to not listen to the spirits that guide me. Sometimes they are loud and obvious, they yell: “THIS IS A GREAT LINE! Write that shit down and finish it.” Other times it’s as silent as a squirrel shimmying down a tree from far away. There might be a cloud opening up the gateway of the sun and like a magnet you’re drawn to it’s beauty. In that scene, you find a hidden message. You’re inspired to continue to look, to see what it becomes. If you spend enough time there, you might be gifted with all the words you’ll need. You only need a few to get started.

I feel like this example relates to our human existence. Relating to our ability to create specific types of art. (books, music, sculptures, etc) Is our own life not a work of art? Should we not take notes on our nature, our surroundings, and use them to move us forward. The outlet of creative pursuits is helpful in expression, but the way we dress, eat, speak, live, is also an art. Do you not feel drawn to those people who bring joy to your life, or make you think, make you feel? It’s just a thought, something to ponder. Does our productivity mean much at all? Sure, those who are prolific in their pursuits might have a better chance of being remembered, but what about those people in your life right now? Why not show them how you live in such a spectacular way? Tell them about your most divine moments, what inspires you, what makes you, what gets you to wake up each day?

Maybe its just a realization of the beauty of the mundane, the everyday, the Earthly pursuits. Instead of putting upon a pedastal everything that is sold to us…

In light of this idea, here’s a random poem/song idea that came to me after someone else’s music inspired the sound and cave in which these words exist:

It comes and it goes

but never quite leaves me alone.

It aches and it whines

I can never walk far enough to leave it behind.

It laughs and it smiles

It takes it’s time and it finds the child.

It loathes, but it fears

When all the joy turns to tears.

Holy hell in my soul

Don’t forget who’s in control.

Sacred is my mortal oath

Remember I could take us both.

Yes, I can see how some might perceive it as VERY DARK. I get it. Sometimes, it’s about removing something from the self, or simply acknowledging it, that allows a healing process to take it’s course.

RH 10/2/19

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