A mindset is a dynamic, in production


A compass toward something new.

Grand in goals, our hearts dreaming and forever scheming

the podium made for each of us.

For there is room for all in the world of success. Personal glory after toil, after trauma. Months of monotony traded for moments of magic. These precious seconds now years in the rearview.

The time has come again, to focus on time, again.

It often seems silly to place so much emphasis on a specific number of hours, minutes, and seconds, but to have a fixed goal is to open up to the possibility of a process. A process that includes multiple goals, many days, and ultimately a singular block of time on what, from afar, seems an average morning. This process drives us. Pushes and pulls us. Not in one direction, but in more than one. Much like waves approach a shore, a decent day of training can feel like a hurricane wind crashing upon the rocky bluff. The house that once had plenty of foundation, nearly thrust into open water, at the mercy of calm nature, hours away. Am I the storm?

It is within our best interest to stress ourselves to a point of true outer and inner struggle, only to be unbroken and able to fight harder. In ten days time, the water recedes, our structures are rebuilding, and we are fully prepared to dive again into the ocean with unknown depths.

“Can I do this? Is this safe? Will I recover?”

Yes, yes, and yes. The question you’re forgetting to ask yourself: “How long are you willing to fight?”

How many days in a row can you tell yourself you’re getting stronger? How many days in a row can you get stronger and swifter and find a way to not jinx yourself into a lesser heart or lungs?

It can be as simple as checking a box, however many times a week. It can be as complex as every step being an absolute struggle. It can change within one step. One sleep. One mile, or one entire year.

Your mind is asking the questions. How will your entire being respond? Is it attainable, is the strength of mind trainable?

Our priorities lie where we tell them to lie. I continue to amaze my mind with the simplicity of the strength and resilience of the body. I am dumbfounded by the trust in muscle and bone, and breath and blood.

I am here for all of it. For no hell has been un-navigable, no peak un-reachable with trust and consistency. I have learned from the words of others and followed paths laid down by humanity. I will not be deaf to the call of my own heart.

I am here for all of it.

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