All the Same – A poem

The hum of the Earth Brought thoughts to mankind Let's the squirrel find it's path Not knowing it's way or it's future The lion rules the savannah The man owns nothing We are tied to the sacred Yet we name it everything but We are tied to our calendar But we know not how to [...]

Creativity in practice

What is a dream in the dark? If it doesn't reach daylight and stays forever hidden, a dream is just that. I often go off into a fantasy land inside my mind. The most common place I frequent is that of a different life with different goals but the same people. I recently read (in [...]

Samosa: an ode

I first had a real Samosa at lunch-time In the city of Ventura was where we dined We were received at the King's table At the front of the house Not knowing our taste buds would be ready or able We sat quiet in anticipation, much like a little mouse The food soon arrived, appetizers [...]


How do we react when we are pulled in multiple directions at the same time? Physically, we break. ‌Mentally, I‌ shut down.  I‌ go to a place that seems like a state of paralysis.  Sometimes unable to make even the most simple of decisions.  Believe me, I‌ did not choose to be here.  When these [...]

Why do I run?

Why do I run? Hmm..good question? It begs the question:  "Why does anyone do anything?"  Well, anything outside of work or just everyday life obligations.  I guess I could say that running is an everyday life obligation.  Some days it's the daily dose of anti-depressant.  Other days it's an injection of pure adrenaline and speed [...]